Saxema Saxophone Quartet



Charles Butcher (Soprano and Tenor Saxophones)

Charles developed his love of music at an early age, first learning to play the piano and clarinet. He dreamed for years of playing the saxophone and bought himself a tenor sax at the first opportunity. In 1998, Charles was one of the founders of the Saxema quartet. As the group's soprano player, Charles often has the important job of playing the lead part, sometimes sharing this with one of the other instruments. Charles also enjoys switching to the tenor sax when required.


Tanya Kiermaier (Alto Saxophone)

Tanya is Saxema's most recent recruit, and has quickly made herself an indispensible member of the quartet. Tanya spent many years playing clarinet and dabbled with flute before taking up the saxophone. Tanya has played with several local Canberra groups including Bellchambers Clarinet Connection, Sax Appeal, and more recently with Connexion Big Band. As the group's alto player, Tanya is responsible for supporting the soprano part and frequently shares the lead, bouncing melodies back and forth with Charles.


Bronwyn Paschalidis (Alto and Tenor Saxophones)

Bronwyn began her musical career playing piano and clarinet. She later went on to University where she gained her qualifications as a music teacher. Over the last 15 years Bronwyn has been involved in many musical groups in NSW and the ACT. Bronwyn's usual role on the tenor is to support the melody, adding depth and rich harmonies to the quartet's sound. Bronwyn is also an accomplished alto sax player, and sometimes plays alto with the quartet.


Nathan Sciberras (Baritone Saxophone)

Nathan's baritone playing forms the foundation of the group's sound, providing both rhythmic drive and a solid bass line. Saxema is proud to feature Nathan in some challenging baritone solos which demonstrate that the big baritone sax can be just as versatile as any of the other saxophones. Nathan plays in several other bands, and is music director of In Full Swing and the South Canberra Youth Wind Orchestra